...the future of musical theater.
— The New York TImes

Be More Chill

"I saw this show when it premiered and have been madly in love with it ever since... there's been a recent resurgence of online fandom and Be More Chill is now everywhere. We've seen this kind of youthful and energetic momentum before behind shows like Dear Evan Hansen, Rent, and Spring Awakening. This show should be on your radar."


"A dynamic new musical... This book and lyrics are true to teen speak and tackle the angst, exposes the vulnerabilities, and addresses life issues American teenagers face daily — and have for decades — without being preachy and sounding all parental like. If you have a teen, know a teen or can rent a teen, take them to see a show all about them. It might even start a larger discussion afterward." 


"An immensely clever show with broad appeal. It's no wonder that audiences love it. Be More Chill is by no means a typical show about high school. It's a vibrant, inventive musical that makes the most of every moment.”

— BroadwayWorld


Bloodsong of Love

“A rollicking presentation! Joe Iconis is the best musical theatre writer that the public has never heard of.”
— NY Theatre Review
With Bloodsong of Love, Iconis has finally proven that he’s worthy of his buzz.”
NY Press Review
“A wildly funny, happily tuneful, and graphically bloody pocket-sized musical that regularly threatens to burst beyond the small Ars Nova stage.”
BroadwayWorld Review
“It’s a post-modern, self-referential, joyful explosion of song that delights in manipulating every cliché in the book.”
Ben Lerman Review

Joe Iconis & Family

"...Mr. Iconis and his troupe... are the future of musical theater."
NY Times review


“Mr. Iconis is still as loopy as his reputation suggests.”
NY Times review
“A bitchin’ triptych of one-act pop/rock musicals.”
NY Press Review
“Iconis is truly a necessary voice in theatre (or rather in the artistic world in general) and is deserving of even more attention and adulation.”
Reviewing The Drama Review
“Who, you may ask, is Joe Iconis? He might very well be the new voice of musical comedy.”
— TalkEntertainment Review


'"Broadway, Here I Come!' by Joe Iconis, one of the best of a wave of young stage-musical composers, is ingenious.”

— A.V. Club



I would call “Things to Ruin” the beginning of something, except that it is already well under way.”
NY Times Review
“It’s so much fun that it’s a little overwhelming — “transporting” is probably the best word…”
Variety Review
“By the time the first of the evening’s insanely catchy hooks has been repeated for a dozen or so times the very human fear of not having accomplished all you intended in your own short lifespan smacks you in the heart even as your head is bobbing to the hard-driving rhythm.”
BroadwayWorld review
“This score might not be in the 20th century American musical theatre tradition, but we ain’t livin’ in the 20th century anymore.”
Playbill.com Review

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

“It’s a rock-‘em, sock-‘em little score.”TimeOut NY Review
“The score and book are fresh, fun and vibrant. Using melodies that are at once smart, catchy and age-appropriate, Iconis has created a musical that can appeal to kids and their parents alike.”BroadwayWorld Review