The New York Times Review: ‘Broadway Bounty Hunter’

Annie Golden and Alan H. Green in “Broadway Bounty Hunter.”     CreditScott Barrow/Barrington Stage Company

Annie Golden and Alan H. Green in “Broadway Bounty Hunter.” CreditScott Barrow/Barrington Stage Company

Review: "Broadway Bounty Hunter" Stars Annie Golden as Herself | The New York Times

PITTSFIELD, MASS. — Try to top this for typecasting: The daffy, adorable Annie Golden plays, yes, the daffy, adorable Annie Golden in “Broadway Bounty Hunter,” a sweet if slight goof of a musical, making its premiere at Barrington Stage Company here.

The show, featuring songs by Joe Iconis and a book by Mr. Iconis, Lance Rubin and Jason SweetTooth Williams, turns on a willfully silly conceit. An out-of-work actor — that’s Annie as Annie — pursues a second career as a vigilante chasing down dangerous criminals. Powered by a silky retro-R&B score, the musical delights with its loopy idea for longer than you might expect, but as the plot sprouts more absurdities, it ultimately begins to feel like an overextended “Saturday Night Live” sketch (albeit a good one).

It’s safe to assume that the wackier details do not correspond directly to Ms. Golden’s experience, although the show makes specific references to her career before it spins off into freaky fantasyland. At an audition for a new jukebox musical, Annie (the character) meets a younger actor who notes that Annie has been in “Hair” and “Assassins” and “Leader of the Pack” and “The Full Monty” — as indeed Ms. Golden has.

“Nice to know there are fans out there,” Annie responds with a grateful smile.

“Oh no, I’m not a fan,” comes the deflating reply. “I just Googled you when I heard your name.”

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