Betty Buckley Talks Joe Iconis' "Old Flame"

Old Flame
Palmetto Records

PLAYBILL: Betty Buckley Walks Us Through Highlights of Her New Album

“Old Flame” by Joe Iconis — I wrote Joe a fan letter on his Facebook page. He has a unique voice in musical theatre—really twisted. I love his sense of humor; offbeat, like mine is. I said I would love to work with him..."

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THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Interview: Betty Buckley

You have a new album out as well, I really loved “Old Flame” from Story Songs

It’s a great song isn’t it? It’s so funny.

It’s funny but it also has some haunting moments like when you sing “I’m not living in the past, it’s the past that lives in me,” I know you’re not one to rest on your laurels, but I wonder if you ever look back at your body of work and go “wow”?

I don’t really contemplate my past much. I’m not really a nostalgist, I’m more interested in the present. I’m grateful for the work I’ve been given the opportunity to do, and the incredible collaborators I’ve been blessed to work with. So I guess every now and then it occurs to me it’s been a great ride so far...

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