The Women of ‘Broadway Bounty Hunter’ Dropkick the Patriarchy!

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Now in rehearsals and about to begin previews at Off-Broadway’s Greenwich House Theater on July 9, the highly anticipated Broadway Bounty Hunter – by Be More Chill sensations Joe Iconis, Jason SweetTooth Williams, and their longtime collaborator Lance Rubin – is ready to #DropkickThePatriarchy with a team of formidable women in the lead and behind the scenes. The action-adventure musical comedy, newly revised after its acclaimed sold-out regional run at Barrington Stage Company, weaves the story of a 60-something down-on-her-luck out-of-work widowed actress turned Kung-Fu-fighting bounty hunter, who discovers her true strength and identity in her empowering journey from bad auditions in NYC to catching the bad guys in the jungles of South America.

I spoke to director/choreographer Jennifer Werner and lead producers Jennifer Ashley Tepper and Allison Bressi about the significance of the work, the team, and taking on the status quo.

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