Joe Iconis talks "Rock And Roll Jamboree" Album, 54 Below, "Smash" and More with BroadwayWorld

Credit: Scott Watanabe

Credit: Scott Watanabe

InDepth Interview: Joe Iconis | BroadwayWorld

Today we are talking to a uniquely gifted talent who has found a featured spotlight of late with some of his most celebrated tunes being included on NBC's musical drama series SMASH just as his new album project and series of 54 Belowshows debut this month - singular songwriter Joe Iconis. Illuminating the composition of, inspiration behind and depiction on SMASH of both the memorable "Broadway, Here I Come!" (which will be showcased, once again, on tonight's episode) as well as the forthcoming emotional coda "The Goodbye Song" (appearing on April 27), Iconis reveals facets of the moving melodies and facts behind their creation that only the creator himself could possibly hope to provide. Additionally, Iconis explores many of the standout songs on the brand new Ghostlight album THE JOE ICONIS ROCK AND ROLL JAMBOREE and the sterling host of talent involved with it. Also, Iconis shares details about what we can expect from his string of upcoming shows at cabaret venue 54 Below beginning April 15 through May 5 and the story behind his storied Family, now including NEW NORMAL star Andrew Rannells (who appears at the April 15 54 Below show), SMASH standouts Jeremy Jordan (appearing at the April 20 show) and Krysta Rodriguez (who appears on the album) and more. Plus, Iconis opens up about his many theatre projects, new and old, including an upcoming solo musical written expressly for Annie Golden and a Hunter S. Thompson biomusical - and, he introduces information about a new production of THE BLACK SUITS coming up later this year and his new highschool-set musical BE MORE CHILL, as well. All of that and much, much more awaits!

More information on THE JOE ICONIS ROCK AND ROLL JAMBOREE album is available hereMore information on Joe Iconis & The Family at 54 Below is available here.

Even more information is available at Joe's official website here.

Also, be sure to take a listen to the SOUND OFF World Premiere Exclusive of "The Goodbye Song" from THE JOE ICONIS ROCK AND ROLL JAMBOREE available here.

PC: Given the predominantly rock sound of most of your music, would you consider yourself having an affinity for rock over theatre or vice versa?

JI: Well, going way back, I definitely grew up very much a theatre geek. I come from a musical theatre perspective, although, of course, I do write a lot of stuff in the rock voice. Sometimes when people hear my stuff, they think I don't like musicals or I come from a different world, but I am a theatre geek at heart for sure.

PC: What were the most influential shows to you growing up?

JI: Well, I am from Long Island and on my sixth birthday my dad took me to New York to see the original LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS...

PC: An ideal first show experience.

JI: It really was. That was very much the thing that excited my interest and love of theatre that has continued ever since. So, growing up, I was very obsessed with LITTLE SHOP and then I really got into Andrew Lloyd Webber and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and also LES MIZ and that whole thing. And, then, came Sondheim; I was totally obsessed with all things Sondheim throughout middle school and especially high school. So, yes, I would say my biggies were Menken/Ashman, Sondheim and also Kander & Ebb - CABARET is my favorite show and that show in general is a huge, huge inspiration to me.

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